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Blocked Account (Sperrkonto)

05.04.2018 - 게시글

If you want to study in Germany (study, apply for a study, pre-study language course) you have to
submit proof that your financial means are adequate for that purpose. One way of proving sufficient financial means is to open a blocked or limited-withdrawal account (Sperrkonto) in Germany.

The minimum amount to be paid into the account is 720,- Euros per month of your intended period of stay. If you plan to stay more than one year it is sufficient to transfer the amount for the first year into the account (8.640,- Euros).

At the moment we know of three providers in Germany, who currently offer limited-withdrawal
accounts for students:

The company Fintiba provides account services in coorperation with Sutor Bank Hamburg. The account may be opened irrespective of nationality online.

The new company X-Patrio provides blocked account services in cooperation with Deutschen Bank. The online service is open for students, employees, trainees, au-pair, language students and jobseekers. The account may be opened online.

To open a blocked account (Sperrkonto) in Germany with Deutsche Bank, please proceed as follows (not applicable to Korean nationals):

1. Send an email in German or English language to the Deutsche Bank (db.student@db.com) and ask for the necessary documents to open a restricted account (Sperrkonto).

2. Fill in the forms and bring them and your passport to the Embassy; the Embassy will then
notarize your signature and a copy of your passport (fee: equivalent of 30,- Euros in Korean

3. You are required to prepare a prepaid envelope for the internationally operating courier (like DHL) addressed to.

Deutsche Bank
Privat- und Geschäftskunden AG
Alter Wall 53
20457 Hamburg

Please include your Deutsche Bank customer number in your sender details.
The Embassy will not provide any envelopes or shipping services. No documents will be verified without the provided envelope.

4. Pay the amount mentioned above into the account, as soon as you have received the necessary data from the bank

5. Please bring the written confirmation by the bank, stating the amount of money you have payed in, when you apply for the student visa.

Please note:

Citizens of Korea, Japan, Australia, Canada, Israel, New Zealand and the United States of America, who travel to Germany without visa, may open the account after entering Germany.

Other foreign nationals who require a visa to enter Germany have to open the blocked account in advance.

The German Embassy is not responsible for compiling the correct documents and cannot be held liable for any loss or damage nor the timely arrival of the documents in Germany.

When the opening of a blocked account, you enter into an agreement with the bank and that the German Embassy and the Federal Foreign Office have no influence on any decisions of the financial institution nor on your relationship with the same.

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