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10 Jahre EU-Korea-Freihandelsabkommen

10 Jahre EU-Korea-Freihandelsabkommen

10 Jahre EU-Korea-Freihandelsabkommen, © Deutsch-Koreanische Industrie- und Handelskammer

22.06.2021 - Artikel

Am 1. Juli 2021 jährt sich das EU-Korea-Freihandelsabkommen zum 10. Mal. Unter dem Titel „10 Years Anniversary of EU-Korea FTA: Updating and Modernizing a Successful Trade Deal“ veranstaltete die Deutsche Botschaft in Seoul zusammen mit der Deutsch-Koreanischen Auslandshandelskammer und der Europäischen Handelskammer in Seoul am 15. Juni eine Jubiläumsveranstaltung.

Botschafter Michael Reiffenstuel:

„Ten years ago Korea and the European Union struck an exemplary trade deal – the Korea-Europe Free Trade Agreement (KOR-EU-FTA). For the European Union it was the first time to conclude a free trade agreement with an Asian country. The EU-KOREA-FTA has proven highly beneficial for both partners. Trade in goods between the EU and Korea has increased from 60 billion EUR to 90 billion EUR. Both Korea and the EU have experienced remarkable growth. Equally important: The EU-KOR FTA stands out as a clear symbol against protectionism. It underlines both the EU and Korea’s strong commitment to a rules-based international trade order.
Therefore, the 10th anniversary is a reason to celebrate! But it is also an excellent opportunity to reflect on our trade relations with a future oriented look: Over the past years, new trade-related areas have evolved and will continue to grow as we are steadily overcoming the Covid-pandemic. Areas such as digitalization, digital trade and e-commerce prosper. Many companies in Europe and Korea have voiced their strong support for updating the FTA in relevant fields. We support companies in this endeavor! We are convinced that a modernized FTA would be in the high interest of all parties.“

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